Next Regional General Assembly

The next Quadrennial Regional General Assembly will be held on 21 August this year in Orlando. Here we have the following materials: Agenda Regional General Assembly 2016. Minutes of the Mid-Term Regional General Assembly held in Hong Kong SAR in November 2014. Covering letter from Secretary General, WBUAP to all Heads of Organisations of Member-Countries, … Read more

Thailand Country Report 2014

Thailand Association of the Blind (TAB) now has almost 10,000 members  from all over Thailand. Under the current constitution, TAB is run under the principle of representative democracy.  It consists of 9 executive committee ,and no more than 200 delegates from eleven regional branches at the TAB national convention.  TAB has its national headquarters located … Read more

Proposed Amendments To The Constitution 2014

PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE WBUAP CONSTITUTION   (For presentation at the WBUAP Mid-Term Regional General Assembly in Hong Kong from 21 – 24 November 2014).   INTRODUCTION: 1.1. Following the announcements sent out by me as the Secretary General of WBUAP in 2013, and again in May 2014 inviting Delegates to submit amendments to the … Read more

Plan Of Action 2012-2016

World Blind Union-Asia Pacific (WBUAP)Quadrennium Plan of Action (QPA) 2012-2016 Update to the 2014 WBUAP Mid-Term General Assembly, Hong Kong. This QPA is drafted under the five new goals of the WBU developed April 2013. 1.    Human rights and representation Representation at UN agencies and other global (regional) bodies at international, regional and national level … Read more

Vietnam Country Report 2014

  Country report of Vietnam Blind Association (2013-2014)   After the 8th General Assembly of WBU and WBU AP in 2012 in Thailand, Vietnam Blind Association (VBA) also organized our 8th Congress for the term 2012-2017 in the end of December 2012. The theme for this term is: Solidarity – Democracy – Innovation – Integration, … Read more