Uber Launches UberASSIST to Help Persons with Disabilities in Macau

Mar 27, 2017 Worldwide ride-hailing company Uber is launching “Uber-Assist” in Macau today, a new function of its well-known mobile app. Designed to provide additional assistance to seniors and people with disabilities, Uber-Assist pairs passengers with “specialized” driver-partners. According to Uber Macau general manager Trasy Lou Walsh, these drivers have received special intensive training in … Read more

Macao Country Report 2014

 Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association   World Blind Union Asia-Pacific Mid-Term Regional Assembly Reporting Country/Territory:         China Macau Name of Person Reporting:  (Albert) Cheong Chi Pong                                                 President                  Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association       ABOUT THE Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association Macau People … Read more

Hong Kong Country Report 2014

Country Report   Country : Hong Kong, China Organization : Hong Kong Blind Union & Hong Kong Society for the Blind     Key Development in Government Policies and Initiatives   1.1       The Hong Kong Government has undertaken to carry out a major retrofitting programme to upgrade the barrier-free facilities in existing government premises and … Read more

China Country Report 2014

Country Report on World Blind Union Asia Pacific Mid-Term Regional General Assembly 2014 (China)   Chinese mainland has a population of 17.31 million eyesight impaired people. With high attention attached by Chinese government and support from communities, China Association of the Blind(CAB) unites closely with local blind person’s associations, works hard towards a common goal, … Read more

Tibet In Blind People’s Eyes

From 3rd Dec to 7th Dec, photoes taken by blind people were exhibited in “Art 8”, a quadrangle block in Beijing. These photoes were taken by visually impaired tibetans and 2 visually impaired “nonvisual photography” trainers from One Plus One (Beijing) Disabled Persons’ Cultural Development Centre. Many people including NGO staff, journalists, students, artists came … Read more