Plan Of Action 2012-2016

World Blind Union-Asia Pacific (WBUAP)Quadrennium Plan of Action (QPA) 2012-2016 Update to the 2014 WBUAP Mid-Term General Assembly, Hong Kong. This QPA is drafted under the five new goals of the WBU developed April 2013. 1.    Human rights and representation Representation at UN agencies and other global (regional) bodies at international, regional and national level … Read more

Vietnam Country Report 2014

  Country report of Vietnam Blind Association (2013-2014)   After the 8th General Assembly of WBU and WBU AP in 2012 in Thailand, Vietnam Blind Association (VBA) also organized our 8th Congress for the term 2012-2017 in the end of December 2012. The theme for this term is: Solidarity – Democracy – Innovation – Integration, … Read more

South East Asia Regional Committee Report 2014

  REPORT FROM SOUTH EAST ASIA REGIONAL COMMITTEE   Greetings to all.   Since assuming the post of Chairperson in November 2012, I have not been very successful in bringing this regional subcommittee together. Communications with all the 10 countries have not been encouraging after 2 years. The representatives who responded to my email  are … Read more

Myanmar Country Report 2014

Country Report of Myanmar Submit to Midterm General Assembly WBUAP 21st -24th Nov 2014, Hong Kong   In the period of midterm 2013-14, transaction of political situation in the country shift to positive change in the area of social responsibility. Laws for civil society organizations including registration Law have enacted. Law for disability is still … Read more

Macao Country Report 2014

 Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association   World Blind Union Asia-Pacific Mid-Term Regional Assembly Reporting Country/Territory:         China Macau Name of Person Reporting:  (Albert) Cheong Chi Pong                                                 President                  Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association       ABOUT THE Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association Macau People … Read more

Mongolia Country Report 2014

Country Report, Mongolia     Hereby the following two things are described as the recent highlights (over the past 2 years). As the result of an advocacy activity, organized by the MNFB towards the development of blind medical massage, which has taken place during the white cane day of 2013, the Health Minister accepted our … Read more

Malaysia Country Report 2014

MALAYSIA COUNTRY Report 2014 (For presentation to the WBUAP Mid-Term Regional General Assembly, Hong Kong, November 2014).   Describe one or two recent highlights over the past two years.   1.1. The Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2013: To regulate and upgrade the provision of traditional medicines and complementary forms of health-care, which includes all … Read more

Japan Country Report 2014

Country Report–Japan     Describe one or two recent highlights (over the past 2 years)   After years of efforts on disability legislations prior to the ratification of CRPD (amendments to the Basic Act for Persons with Disabilities, enactment of the Law for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities and the Act to Advance the … Read more

Hong Kong Country Report 2014

Country Report   Country : Hong Kong, China Organization : Hong Kong Blind Union & Hong Kong Society for the Blind     Key Development in Government Policies and Initiatives   1.1       The Hong Kong Government has undertaken to carry out a major retrofitting programme to upgrade the barrier-free facilities in existing government premises and … Read more