Mongolia Country Report to World Blind Union Asia Pacific, General Assembly, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Due to lack of methodology on how to assess a person’s degree of disability including visually impaired persons, there are different data about visually impaired person’s social condition in Mongolia. For instance, According to the 2010 census on population and housing, 128,000 people with disabilities live in Mongolia, out of which 16,600 are blind or … Read more

Mongolia Country Report 2014

Country Report, Mongolia     Hereby the following two things are described as the recent highlights (over the past 2 years). As the result of an advocacy activity, organized by the MNFB towards the development of blind medical massage, which has taken place during the white cane day of 2013, the Health Minister accepted our … Read more

Capacity Development of Uvurhangai Chapter

The Uvurhangai chapter of the Mongolia National Federation of the Blind organised the capacity development training of their members by taking opportunity of the Small Scale Fund Project framework. Training sessions were targeted at 10 blind individuals in the beginning. 6 lecturers of Marketing Department, University of Technology in Uvurhangai province were invited as facilitators. … Read more

Workshop for branch leaders and committee chairs

The Mongolia National Federation of the Blind organized a training-workshop called “Knowledge bringing development” targeted at chairs of 23 branches, leaders of committees, members of advocacy committee and senior managers. The curriculum was designed based on the needs of the participants. The programs included: • presentations by various government oficials, • a training on financial … Read more

Strategic plan development workshop for Mongolia National Federation of the Blind Women’s Committee

In March 2013, MNFB organized a workshop for the development of strategic plans for its Women’s Committee, which was attended by 5 council members and 10 other blind women who are active in the organizational operations. The workshop invited the leader of the Mongolian Women’s Foundation as facilitator, and was organized in various forms including … Read more