Laos Country Report to World Blind Union Asia Pacific, General Assembly, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

In September 2017, Lao Association of the Blind celebrated the 10th anniversary of the organization. During 2015-2018, LAB has been performing community based rehabilitation activities continually that could identify more new members as follows: in 2016 it had 1,752 members, in 2017 the number of members became 2,051 and during the first half of this … Read more

O&M Training for Laos Association of the Blind HQ and Branches

During the year 2012, the capacity building project is introducing training of Orientation And Mobility (O&M) and Daily Living Skill (DLS) trainers in the two target organizations. LAB has started the program in the first quarter, and in the second quarter, the trainers, who received training on O&M programs in the first quarter, further received … Read more

Activities of the Laos Association of the Blind

The Laos Association of the Blind (LAB) is a very new organization but their committees are getting more and more active. Their Advocacy Committee is new but seems very, very enthusiastic about their efforts to change the status of blind people. Their Women’s Committee has organized several women’s forums in the past, the latest being … Read more

A Step Forward In Advocacy by the Laos Association of the Blind

One of the main initiatives at any disabled peoples’ organizations is advocacy. The ongoing DANIDA project also focuses on advocacy. However, you can also imagine that political and social structures of individual countries may make advocacy work more difficult than elsewhere. Advocacy was a challenge for LAB, but during the third quarter of 2012, LAB … Read more