The World Blind Union-Asia Pacific (WBUAP) is looking for a person to be its paid part-time Editor to manage and promote communication between the Board and its Member-Countries. Some of the functions include sourcing relevant and timely information to be uploaded on the WBUAP website or be published in the newsletter and to co-ordinate the operations of an Internet-based project at a later date. The person recruited will receive a monthly allowance up to a maximum of US $1,000 gross. For details on the nature of work, read the attachment on Job Description.


The applicant should possess the following qualifications and skills:


* Excellent IT capabilities, able to use Word-Press, and knowledge of WCAG 2 Standards;


* Good skills in written and oral English and in editing;


* The ability to manage deadlines and priorities;


* Empathy towards the needs and issues concerning blind and vision-impaired persons, and an understanding of the BVI situation in the WBUAP Region.


If interested, send an email to the Secretary General: giving relevant information and references to support your application. Your application should reach him not later than 15th September 2015.


Do not hesitate to contact him for more clarification before applying for the position. Thank you for showing an interest in advancing the cause of the BVI’s and WBUAP.


The WBUAP Editor shall be accountable to the Board of Directors, and he/she shall work with the Country Information Liaison Officers (CILO’s), or in their absence, designated Delegates, in carrying out his/her responsibilities. The job description include, but not limited to the below-mentioned roles, in attracting and maintaining users’ interest and participation in exploiting the full potential of the WBUAP Website and other channels of communication:

1. Upload relevant and timely information and promote the WBUAP Website as one of the main channels of communication between the Board of Directors and the Member-Countries.

2. Review, summarise and edit the contents submitted by Member-Countries or by the CILO’s unless directives are given to the contrary.

3. Develop the East Wind newsletter to an acceptable time-frame publication to be used as a public relations marketing tool for attracting funds/sponsorships for the activities and projects of WBUAP. The East Wind to contain snapshots of WBUAP Website contents, personal stories, summary of the best or inspiring programmes and activities from across the Region.

4. Co-ordinate and support the efforts of the CILO’s in each country in sourcing for relevant and timely information useful to the general BVI readership.

5. Develop deadline schedules for the East Wind newsletter and the WBUAP Internet-based programmes, in consultation with the Board of Directors.

6. Monitor and see to the smooth operations of the WBUAP Website and the WBUAP Internet streaming server.

7. Provide regular reports to, and carry out the decisions of the Board of Directors.

8. Liaise closely with the Task Force set up to develop the new channel of communication for disseminating useful and timely information to the Member-countries and Friends/Supporters of WBUAP.

9. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on improving the collection, distribution and usability of the information in achieving the goals of WBUAP.