WBUAP Hong Kong Statement 2014

WBUAP Hong Kong Statement.pdf
World Blind Union Asia-Pacific (WBUAP)
Hong Kong Statement
We the participants at the WBUAP Mid-Term Regional General Assembly (Assembly) in
Hong Kong, 24th November, 2014,
1. Call upon all governments throughout the Asia-Pacific region (region) to ratify the
Marrakesh Treaty at the earliest opportunity so that persons who are blind or partially
sighted (blind) or who have other print disability, have full access to works of
literature, culture and to educational materials.
2. Welcome the opportunity to co-operate with the United Nations (UN) Development
Programme to build capacity across the region so that persons who are blind or who
have print disability are able to advocate for greater access to information.
3. Encourage development organisations to work with governments to support data
collection, develop disability inclusive policies and strategies to progress the action
plan of the Incheon Strategy.
4. Urge all governments and relevant bodies throughout the region to make all efforts
toward the speedy ratification and effective implementation of the United Nations
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). In particular,
prioritize to ensure the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities and
their representative organizations in strengthening independent monitoring
mechanisms, given that fewer than half of the countries in the world who have
ratified the UNCRPD have presented country and shadow reports to the UN.
5. Being moved by the enthusiasm and strong determination, expressed by women who
are blind through the Women’s Forum, campaign for the acceleration of women with
disabilities’ empowerment programmes, in accordance with the Asian and Pacific
inter-government Ministerial Declaration on Gender Equality and Women’s
Empowerment (UNESCAP, 2014).
6. In recognition of challenges and opportunities faced by youth who are blind in this
region, and the tremendous success of the Youth Forum held during this Assembly in
stimulating innovation and social entrepreneurship among youth of the region, it is
recommended that:
– a youth forum be held at future regional assemblies, and
– the World Blind Union (WBU) be requested to hold an international youth
list end
7. Call upon all governments, businesses and other global partners to take the necessary
steps to ensure that essential technologies are available, accessible and affordable to
persons who are blind in the region, as it is through such technology that real
inclusion can be advanced and social isolation eliminated.
8. Initiate and implement a web accessibility campaign at the regional level to promote
the adoption of internationally recognised accessibility standards in web design,
APPs, e-learning and other ICT products and services; in consultation
with organizations of the blind.
9. Undertake to actively share best practice initiatives and programmes in areas of
fundraising and capacity development.
10. Noting
the high levels of unemployment and under employment of persons who are
blind in the region, task
all governments to implement programs that enable full
participation in open employment including education programs for employers and
the community, transition to employment programs and the provision of specialist
equipment schemes
by the government.
11. In recognizing that social enterprises have demonstrated their impact in creating
employment for persons who are blind, in changing public attitudes and in generating
funds to further the cause of the movement for people who are blind, the Assembly
urges the WBUAP and WBU to establish a task force to investigate how social
enterprises can be promoted and advanced.