Korea Blind Union International Cooperation Project

The Information about International cooperation project on distribution of white canes & braille equipments

The Korea Blind Union (KBU) is working to protect and promote human rights of visually impaired people. We are planning to expand those “endless effort” for blind and visually impaired persons living in developing countries in the Asia and Pacific region to distribute white canes and braille equipments.
If you expect to take part in this project, we hope that you complete this form sincerely, and turn it in formal KBU E-mail account (kbuwel@chol.com) until August 31. We promise that we will never utilize your information or results for the other purpose.

The objectives of this project are: 1) to enhance capacity-building through O&M (Orientation and mobility) training and/or braille for people who are blind and visually impaired; 2) to disseminate systematically educational skills for utilization of white canes and braille; and 3) to distribute white canes and braille equipments to individuals with blindness and visual impairment.

To complete this project successfully, any representative organizations or agencies of/for the blind (not individual) registered to WBUAP should be done following steps:
First, prospective applicants have to hand application form and required documents in KBU office through E-mail.
Secondly, selected applicants must be cooperated with the project progression as the only one partner in its own country for distribution and education of white canes and braille.
Lastly, we will provide the opportunity for O&M training and braille education in selected countries. So, you will have to participate in the process of this education about 2 weeks faithfully. This will be determinate by discussion.

If you want to get more information, please contact us through E-mail (kbuwel@chol.com), fax 82) 2-6925-1117, or phone 82) 2-6925-1114



Mr. Choi, Dong Ic (Master of Social Work)
President of Korea Blind Union; A Member of National Assembly of ROK
Application Form

? Organization Information

o Nation :

o Name of Organization/agency :

o Mailing Address :

o The Objectives of Organization :

o Major works :

o Number of members :

o The total Budget during the past 2010-2012(USD, standard 2012. December 31)

-2010 : $
-2011 : $
-2012 : $

o necessary quantity of white canes :

o necessary quantity of braille equipments :


? Contact Person Information

– Name (Ms/Mr.) :

– Position title :

– Phone :

– Mobile Phone :

– Fax :

– E-mail :


? If you omit some information (ex. Telephone or e-mail), your organization/agency may not be selected.



Questionnaires on Use of braille and/or white Canes

? Questions
Please, reply concisely and clearly.
1. country name:

2. Estimate number of population with blindness and visual impairment in your country, who can be considered as individuals using white canes and braille :
White Canes Braille



? Questions on braille
1. Is there any braille system for your own language in your country? (Yes or No)

2. Briefly explain about the system

3. Do you have sufficient braille equipments (stylus and slates)? What is your major route for securing braille equipments?

4. Do you need any activities for your own braille system development, braille equipment education? Please, explain about the reasons.



? Questions on White Canes
1. Is it correct that using white cane on the street is a legal right for people who use white canes? Please, note the law or act in detail.


2. Do you have no problem for ensuring white canes? If not, how many canes do you need? Please, note the logical basis for your reply.


3. Do you need any O&M training for O&M trainers and/or teachers?


? Other
Do you have any similar experience to this project? If so, Please give me some information in detail such as donation countries, numbers of items distributed and list of items.

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