Information Resource Centres

By using the Small Scale Project fund, provincial chapters of the Mongolia National Federation of the Blind are
expanding the network of Information Resource Centers around the
country, equipped with computers, desks and chairs as well as a few
special devises for blind people. During the fourth quarter of 2012, 5
branches had their Information Resource Centers established in their
local province, in many cases in the premises of the local government
buildings. Some branches even received financial assistance from the
local government, which may be attributed to their advocacy skills
gained through various training programs.

Sukhbaatar Branch received financial support of about 7.195 US$, from
the provincial authority, in addition to a 2,878 US$ loan from other
resources, and purchased a one room apartment near the provincial
Social Welfare and Labour Department and other public service

Dornod and Bayanhongor chapters have their centers established in the
Building of the Social Welfare Agency. Omno-gove Branch is using a
space in the same apartment as their FM radio station. For some
reasons, Selenge Branch got a room in the provincial sports palace
free of charge.
Members of the Branches are getting together in the center, reading
Braille and talking books and socializing. Some even started to
organize computer training in partnership with local high school

The past experiences show that such centers are the focal point for
members as well as a showcase of the special needs of the blind to the
local community and a starting point to raise awareness and
visibility. The MNFB leadership hopes that the branches will continue
their efforts to promote active participation of members in activities
of their centers.

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