More Access To DAISY Players

The Law on Social Welfare for PWDs in Mongolia says that the blind
people can receive small sum of money to buy necessary assistive
devices every 5 years. This law, which itself is a result of hard work
with Mongolia National Federation of the Blind leadership to advocate with the government, was amended in
May 2012 and a new provision was added to provide a Daisy Player to
blind people with funding from the government. Nevertheless, the
government funding was not allocated in the budget, so the provision
was not enforces in 2012.

MNFB took some more advocacy actions in November 2012 to change this,
and got the related costs reflected in the 2013 state budget so the
provision is going to be enforced from January 2013. Now the blind
people will be entitled to receive USD374 equivalent once every three
years effective from January 2013, and will likely have more
opportunities to read DAISY format books using DAISY players. The
provision was an important step to enable blind people to have access
to up-to-date technology and equipment, as well as more information.

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