Capacity Development of Uvurhangai Chapter

The Uvurhangai chapter of the Mongolia National Federation of the Blind organised the capacity development training of
their members by taking opportunity of the Small Scale Fund Project
framework. Training sessions were targeted at 10 blind individuals in
the beginning. 6 lecturers of Marketing Department, University of
Technology in Uvurhangai province were invited as facilitators. The
sessions were held 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. Trainers and
facilitators initially had some problems in communicating with blind
people but gradually learned to cope with them. Although 2
participants left the training half way through, participants
expressed that they were happy with the achievements.

The chapter experienced various difficulties when organizing the training sessions but was continuously supported by the MNFB leadership through consultation and communication.

The branch manager describes the benefit of the training: “I learned a
lot from this training and started using these knowledge and skills in my work. For instance, I learned how to communicate with people, how to organize and conduct a formal meeting, how to prepare the venue for meetings and how to communicate with others by phone. At the same time, I learnt by doing throughout the project implementation and
gained lots of experiences. In the project implementation, we sometimes encounter problems such as low attendance or missing trainees without prior notice, so we have to contact everyone and find out the reason. Sometimes the participants are not active. However, we
always try to overcome such challenges, and by doing so we get some experience and skills for project implementation. So we are very happy for being able to be part of the project.”

This is just another example of how the capacity building at national
level is spreading to the provincial rural areas to activate their
branches and with anticipation for eventually benefiting the blind people living in remote areas.

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