O&M Training for Laos Association of the Blind HQ and Branches

During the year 2012, the capacity building project is introducing training of
Orientation And Mobility (O&M) and Daily Living Skill (DLS) trainers
in the two target organizations. LAB has started the program in the
first quarter, and in the second quarter, the trainers, who received
training on O&M programs in the first quarter, further received
training on basic DLS training programs. These trainings of trainers
was conducted by Mr. Chalam Yam-iam from Thailand as the instructor.

Those who received training were then sent to the branches in
Xiengkhouang, Luang Prabang and Champassak to transfer the essences of
knowledge to local trainers. The local trainers will soon start O&M
and DLS training to the blind individuals living in these provinces,
who were identified during the one-year-long pilot survey conducted by
field workers in 2011.

This type of training of social empowerment for the blind is
unprecedented in these provinces and will therefore be enormous
benefits for the blind in the provincial areas, who will receive such
training for the first time.

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