O&M Training in Laos Provinces

During the first year of the capacity building project, the Laos Association of the Blind conducted baseline studies
on the conditions and the needs of blind and partially sighted people
in target provinces. The initial aim was to have a rough oversight of
blind people in rural areas and the basis for expansion of membership.
The data were also helpful in their newly introduced O&M training

As their O&M training continues, LAB came to realize that there are
huge needs among the blind and partially sighted people beyond
orientation, mobility and daily living skills. Children need to go to
school. Aged blind people need to receive medical treatments. Adults
need employment to earn their livelihood. Overall, the study and the
O&M gave a valuable opportunity for LAB to learn a lot more about the
blind people in their rural areas.

LAB leadership is hoping to activate these areas in the years to come,
and we at the Region would like to support their fight.

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