Activities of the Laos Association of the Blind

The Laos Association of the Blind (LAB) is a very new organization but
their committees are getting more and more active.
Their Advocacy Committee is new but seems very, very enthusiastic
about their efforts to change the status of blind people.

Their Women’s Committee has organized several women’s forums in the
past, the latest being in conjunction with the general assembly in
September 2011. They also organize celebration and awareness raising
event at International Women’s Day, and are working very closely with
the Lao Women’s Union, which means a lot in a country of such
political structure.

Their Fundraising Committee is working hard to learn tactics and how
to approach the general public, and has succeeded in attracting donors
in their special events.

Their Sports and Cultural Arts (SCA) Committee has been proactive and
creative. They often organize sports events to raise awareness among
the general public as well as fun for blind participants. Their
charity concert succeeded in attracting donors to contribute.

Now, the Women’s Committee and the SCA Committee are joining hands to
make the events even more effective. They organized two events jointly
during the year 2012, and are planning more in 2013. Hopefully, the
collaboration will motivate more and more creative ideas that suit to
the needs of blind individuals.

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