A Step Forward In Advocacy by the Laos Association of the Blind

One of the main initiatives at any disabled peoples’ organizations is
advocacy. The ongoing DANIDA project also focuses on advocacy.
However, you can also imagine that political and social structures of
individual countries may make advocacy work more difficult than

Advocacy was a challenge for LAB, but during the third quarter of
2012, LAB conducted workshop on advocacy in their Info Center at the
capital city, focusing on advocacy tactics, objectives, history and
other issues. Among the participants emerged the Advocacy Committee of LAB. Then, in the fourth quarter, their Advocacy Committee formulated their advocacy action plan. They are now planning to work toward promoting access to information by means of Duxbury and DAISY, promote awareness through production and provision of more materials, enhance collaboration with the media and other disabled peoples’ organizations, continue discussions with the government officials. It is no doubt that not everything will go as planned, but we are witnessing a major step forward for advocacy works for the blind and partially sighted in Lao PDR.

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