Workshop for branch leaders and committee chairs

The Mongolia National Federation of the Blind organized a training-workshop called “Knowledge bringing development” targeted at chairs of 23 branches, leaders of committees, members of advocacy committee and senior managers. The curriculum was designed based on the needs of the participants.
The programs included:
• presentations by various government oficials,
• a training on financial planning and oversight/monitoring management including financial report issues and inventory check,
• a training on human resource-related matters such as promotion of active participation and how to ensure continuity,
• presentations about activities from the 3 branches that were prized in the best branch contest, and
• presentations from the branches that implemented Small Scale Fund projects (e.g. setting up massage centers or information centers, capacity development for board members, TV program production for advocacy).

The leaders even discussed the future of the Capacity Building Project which we hope to continue in 2014 and onwards, and even have apparently formulated some proposals!

The things that the participants were learning are all very crucial for organizational management, so the relevance of the needs expressed by the participants to be included in the program is in itself quite remarkable. The event also made the fullest use of the chance to come together face-to-face, in a huge country where transportation is a mega problem.

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