Newly Blinded Woman Taking The Lead

Among the participants of the workshop on the development of strategic plans for Women’s Committee of MNFB, held in March this year, was a lady named Bolormaa, who lost her sight 3 years ago. She was working as a customs inspector before she lost her sight.

She joined MNFB in November 2012. She seemed enthusiastic about operations and other efforts of MNFB, with her educational and professional backgrounds. This is the reason why MNFB leadership decided to include her among the participants of the workshop, although she just recently joined the organization.

The workshop must have been very awakening for her. “After I lost my sight, I thought that I could do nothing, and no one needed me, so I kept myself away from my friends. By participating in the workshop, I understood that many things must be changed for blind people and blind women. And this must be carried out by us blind people. Therefore, I will take active role in the operations of the Women’s Committee”.
She is now a member of policy planning team of the Women’s Committee, an active promoter of activities of Women’s Committee.
She is happy about the changes that she has made. We all love to continue making such “happy” changes of blind women.

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