DAISY Consortium Releases Obi 2.6

The DAISY Consortium is pleased to announce the latest release of Obi, an easy to learn, yet powerful open source software tool for creating DAISY compliant audio books with rich navigable structure.


The latest release, Version 2.6, makes Obi more advanced, backward compatible and even easier to learn. It introduces the capability to import DAISY 2.02 books in addition to the existing export functionality, making it fully backward compatible with the DAISY 2.02 standard. Therefore, both audio-ncx (audio with structure) and full-text, full-audio DAISY 2.02 books can be imported, modified, and exported as either DAISY 2.02 or DAISY 3 audio books, which will also enable quick upgrades of the existing DAISY 2.02 books to the newer DAISY 3 standard.


This release of Obi integrates the context-sensitive help system within the Obi application, providing immediate help on relevant topics to its users with a push of a button. Other significant enhancements include pitch preservation while using the fast play feature resulting in smooth feel to the users and automatic saving of the project after recording to ensure that narration is not lost due to unknown circumstances. The Recording Toolbar and Graphical Peak Meter are now constantly visible even if the focus is on another window.

Please visit the Obi project area on the DAISY Consortium website to check out the full list of new features and bug fixes http://www.daisy.org/obi/.


The DAISY Consortium would like to extend a special thanks to all contributors for their valuable feedback and continued support to the Obi project. Obi continues to fill in the gaps and enable accessible publication production worldwide, becoming one of the DAISY production tool chosen by diverse range of users, from large production houses to home users.

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