Abilis Foundation is looking for a person with a disability that has a bright attitude to life and a sound experience in support activities for persons with disabilities to act as a regional coordinator for Abilis Foundation in the Mekong countries.

” Vacant position: Regional Coordinator
” Location, Country: Bangkok, Thailand
” Expected Starting Date: As soon as possible
” Duration: until the end of 2015
” Application closing date: 31.1.2013


Abilis Foundation is a development fund, founded by people with disabilities in Finland in 1998. Its mandate is to support activities leading to the empowerment of disabled persons in the Global South. Abilis Foundation supports activities that contribute toward equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in society.


Abilis Foundation gives small grants ranging from 500 to 10.000 Euros to projects initiated by persons with a disability. Abilis supports organizations that are run by persons who have a disability, be it related to mobility, vision, hearing or any other type of disability. We also support organisations that are run by parents of children with disabilities. The core aim of Abilis’ work is to reach out and support people with disabilities at grassroots level.

Abilis Foundation is intensifying funding and starting a new approach in the Mekong area. The chosen countries of the region will be equipped with human, technical and financial resources to provide relevant support and opportunities to grassroots level DPOs to participate in their communities and live an active life. Abilis is starting this new approach by employing a regional coordinator in Thailand. Further plans for the Mekong region will be made with the regional coordinator.


Job description:
The Abilis regional coordinator acts as the link between Abilis Headquarters (HQ) in Finland and the future national offices in the Mekong countries. The main tasks of the regional coordinator are:

1. Planning and implementing the Abilis’ new approach for the Mekong countries with the HQ of Abilis.
– Setting up of regional office in Bangkok. Handling all the formalities related to setting up of office in Thailand.
– Setting up of national offices in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

2. Networking:
With other Disabled Peoples’ Organizations (DPOs), Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), government officials and all other actors in the area that are relevant to Abilis Foundation’s work. Networking includes negotiations and meetings related to the work and cooperation in the Mekong region.
3. Support and training to the national offices in the other Mekong countries:
– Provide training and technical support for coordinators of the national offices in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.
– Support and coordination related to project applications.
– Ensure that the national coordinators have a good working environment. Carry out necessary negotiations with stakeholders alongside with the national coordinator in each Mekong country.
– Act as the team leader for the coordinators of the Mekong region: Facilitate teamwork, ensuring that all are working according to collective policies.

4. Tasks related to collaboration with Abilis HQ in Helsinki
– Regular communication with HQ: email, mail, videoconferences, telephone.
– Reporting regularly to HQ about the activities in the Mekong region.
– Receive and send applications, reports and other relevant documents to HQ.

5. Financial management of activities in the Mekong region together with an accounting firm or a financial assistant.


1. Own experience of disability. The regional coordinator must be a person with a disability or a parent of a child with a disability.
2. Fluency in both Thai and English. Fluency in any other Mekong languages is seen as an asset.
3. Thai residency.
4. More than 3 years of working experience in the support activity for persons with disabilities.
5. Good communication and negotiation skills.
6. Good facilitation and training skills. Previous experience in both is an asset.
7. Relevant education.

The regional coordinator must be able to commute to the office in Bangkok and be able to work from 9:00-17:00 during weekdays. Also, the work of regional coordinator will include travelling to the Mekong countries as well as Finland. The regional coordinator will receive training for the job also in Finland.


For application, we require to submit:
1. CV
2. Reason for applying (within one page, single space, must be written in English)
3. Salary requirement

Applications must be submitted by 31st Jan 2013 to Ms. Rea Konttinen, project coordinator at Abilis HQ by email:


1. First round – paper screening. Result will be informed individually by February 8th, 2013. Date of final selection (interview) will be informed to those who selected in the first round.
2. Second round – individual interviews.

If you have any questions please contact Rea Konttinen by email:

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