First Vietnamese blind completes Ha Long Bay Marathon

“I could achieve this result because of the support of my wife, who used to wake up early to train with me,” said Viet, chairman of the Blind Association in Hoai Duc District, Hanoi.

Led by Giho Kim, a volunteer from South Korea, Viet on Monday reached the finish line in three hours and four minutes.

“As I did not have much time to train, I faced problems on the way, such as strained muscles. But I am grateful to everybody who supported me,” Viet said. “I chose 21km to challenge myself. I knew it was more difficult than the 10km which I completed in my training.”

To prepare for the event, Viet and his wife trained for an hour every morning for more than two months.

“We did not get much time as we both work and have two young children to look after. But I am happy that my wife supported me although she does not like sports much,” said Viet.

Thirteen years ago, he joined the Khuc Hao Sports Club and won gold medals in high jump and long jump events at the National Sports Games for disabled people in 2015.

After that, he stopped training and competing due to work.

He now aims to compete in the 42km and even 70km categories in the Ha Long Bay Marathon next year.

“I used to climb to the highest peak of the Tay Thien Pagoda in Tam Dao District in Vinh Phuc Province. It is a driving force for me to overcome obstacles in life,” he said.

“The main challenges for blind people and people with disabilities are finances and volunteers. I hope society will create favourable conditions for us,” Viet said.

Source: Vietnam News, 4 April 2018

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